Holi Gift

Holi is very famous festival of India.people of India celebrate this festival by playing with colors and then at the eve of Holi people go to meet their relatives,friends,neighbors and they give Holi Gift to each other.some people .here we will provide you an idea of what is perfect gift for Holi.
top five perfect gift of HOLI is

1.Holi Gift Hamper.   

It is very often idea to go with gift hamper in  the eve of Holi.generally people prefer it .it is also  very famous gift idea.people simply go to shop and buy a Holi gift hamper which almost full of some sweets ,colors,flowers and some other edible thing  .

2. Chocolate.

this is  much more famous that gift hamper .children love chocolate and holi is the much bigger festival of children than older.that is why people give chocolate them as a holi gift.this is loved by all children .if you want to carry a Holi gift for children then you should buy a chocolate,believe it this is the best gift you can give to the children on Holi.

3. Home Made Gift.

some people create Home Made gift on the Holi.if you want to get surprise someone on Holi  then make a self made gift and give it to him/her .it is also not very expensive gift and most important thing anout this gift that anyone can create it.some people love to make a gift himself.

4. Sweets.

whenever people discuss about the Holi festival ,one thing come first on their mind is Sweets.people ,on the eve of Holi.love to go to other's home and they go along with Sweets.people of India believe that festival without Sweets is not a festival.so generally people prefer to carrry a hamper of Sweets.








5. Special Dish.

if you know the festival of holi then you must heard about the special dish of   "Gojhiya". this is very This is very famous.almost everyone eat Gojhiya on this festival.so it is also a very good gift for Holi