In Hindi we know the Holi pooja as a HOLIA DAAHAN  we  celebrate this pooja before the festival of holi .we light bonifire on the eve of Holi .we celebrate this pooja as the victory over the evil  holika.and also called the victory of good over the bad 
.we start the preparation for thid pooja before the one one month of Holi festival.we start gathering woods .A log of wood is kept at prominent public place on the vasant punchmi day
and a  effigy of holika is made of combustible material while prahald's effigy is made of incombustible material.on the eve of this pooja ,the heap is set alight and the chat Rakshoghna mantras of the rig veda to cast away the evils.people collect left over ashes in next morning.these ashes are considered as a holy .smearing obf body limbs is an act of purification

this pooja shows us that good things always get victory over bad thing.we should be a good and we should develop good thing in ourself.In hindu culture this pooja as very holy for them.and they learn a lot from  this pooja .children like it more because honesty speaking they prepared thids pooja like as they play some good thing ,they got more fun as well as they learn a lot by HOLIKA DAHAN